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Tips & Tricks on Storing Weed!

Tips & Tricks on Storing Weed!

Properly storing weed is a must if you want your stash to last and maintain its quality. Whether you’re storing long-term or just until the end of the week, where you keep your buds plays a large part in their flavor and potency. Cannabis flower can have a stable shelf-life of up to a year or more when it’s been cured and adequately stored.
When it comes to cannabis storage, I personally like to remember CCAD; Cool, Clean, Away from moisture, Dark.
High temperatures can cause your cannabis to dry out and the terpenes to evaporate. That means you shouldn’t set it near a heater, water system, or outside. But you also want to avoid freezing temperatures because they can burst the delicate trichomes and cause your bud to lose potency. A closet, drawer, or dark corner should work just fine.
Make sure any containers you use are clean and free from dirt and grime that could contain bacteria or mold spores.
The best way to end up with moldy buds is to allow them to come in contact with moisture. But good buds can’t get too dry without causing degradation of the cannabinoids and terpenes. The key is to maintain proper humidity levels, ideally between ~59% and ~63% RH (relative humidity). For this reason, it’s not recommended to store cannabis in the refrigerator. The fluctuations in temperature and humidity will increase your chances of growing mold.
The same way UV light can fade the color of your favorite shirt or give you a sunburn, it can also break down the cannabinoids and terpenes in your bud. Make sure your containers are always stored in a dark place and never leave your buds in the direct sun.
Any form of airtight jars or bags are preferable; bonus points if they also have a vacuum seal. Certain types of metal such as aluminum may affect the flavor of the cannabis if it’s kept in long-term storage; something like titanium or food-safe stainless steel is more neutral and shouldn’t change or degrade the flavor of weed. You should also keep away things like lighters, pipes or other paraphernalia that could cause the stench to absorb into your bud resulting in a less-than-favorable experience. By using a mason jar, you can store the cannabis near other food products without worrying about your morning cereal tasting like weed. A plastic ziplock bag, on the other hand, won’t lock in the aroma as well and can spoil the taste of, say, a loaf of bread. Thus, your brunch guests may wonder if you’re actually serving THC-infused french toast for breakfast.

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