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Tips for Avoiding Couch-Lock

Tips for Avoiding Couch-Lock

? Tips for Avoiding Couch-Lock ?
It’s happened to the best of us. Sometimes a smoke session ends up a very different experience than planned. That I’m-so-high-I can’t-move feeling is what we like to call couch lock. The sedative effect the couch lock sensation brings on makes it feel hard to break out of this cycle.
Grab a Sugary Drink – If you are finding yourself nodding off on the couch, consider grabbing a sugary soft drink, energy drink or sweet snack. Sugar-loaded treats are brimming with glucose, which will give you a boost of insulin and energy.
CBD – CBD can help bring you back to a more functional level. CBD is thought to block the CB1 receptors located in our brain which allows it to counteract the psychoactive effects of THC. This explains why many users say it gives them the sensation of coming down after a smoke session.
Eat Food Before Getting High – You can have a much more enjoyable and experiential smoke session if you opt to eat before you settle down with your weed. Food will help stave off some of the most ardent impacts of couch lock. Food helps the body as it processes and absorbs the chemicals that you’ve ingested.
Don’t Stay in the Same Spot – Couch lock comes for the person who waits for it. Don’t let your body get too comfortable if you want to avoid succumbing to the more sedative qualities of weed. A quick walk or moving around the house can make a bigger impact than you might think. Try and keep yourself sharp and focused with some fresh air. You’ll be shocked by the difference a small walk can make.
Conversation – Avoid the zoned-out state by socializing with others, whether that’s a phone call or gathered around some of your good buddies. It’s hard not to zone out when you’re high, but some stimulus and engaging activity can help minimize this.
Caffeine/Coffee – Another way of getting an energy boost is with caffeine. Whether you’re having an espresso or want to counter couch-lock with an energy drink, the caffeine will give you that much-needed boost. Just don’t overdo it, as too much caffeine can cause feelings of nervousness and a racing heart, which are not enjoyable while in a couch-locked state.
Embrace it – The final way to beat couch-lock is to simply embrace it. As long as you have nowhere in particular to be, with no immediate plans, just enjoy the high for what it is. Kick back and appreciate the relaxing feelings that the couch-lock high provides. We know it doesn’t sound like much of a strategy, but couch lock isn’t permanent, nor is it life-threatening. Sometimes, you need to let these things run their course.

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