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Our Picks: The Best Stoner Halloween Movies to Watch in 2023

Our Picks: The Best Stoner Halloween Movies to Watch in 2023


Our Picks: The Best Stoner Halloween Movies to Watch in 2023

There are so many Halloween movies to watch each year, so we picked some of our favorites to enjoy with some of our favorite cannabis products to go with them!

It seems like you could watch 3 Halloween movies a night, every night in October, and there’d still be SO MANY left. That’s why we at Light’N Up Cannabis Company wanted to come up with some of our favorites to watch each year. Of course, we had to include Michigan-made cannabis products perfectly paired for each film. Check out our list below and let us know if they’re tricks or treats – & what other films we missed.

Chill, Spooky Comedies

This time of year, being scared all the time can be a bummer. A great place to start is The Cabin in the Woods, a horror-comedy that deconstructs the genre and features the classic trope of a group of friends that rent, you guessed it, a cabin in the woods. A series of unexpected horrors show up to terrorize the friends, but is it really the unexplained? Make it a double-feature with Tucker & Dale vs Evil, another hilarious horror-comedy perfect for the season. I’m not sure about you but when I think cabins and cannabis, I think of being up north, and then I think of True North GummiesThe perfect treat to help you settle in. Kick start the movie event with Element Infused Pre-Rolls

The Fun Classics

There’s so many classic Halloween movies to rewatch every year but there’s something special about these. Crack these open with some divine cannabis to nestle in for these epic flicks. Full Moon Chocolate Coins is the perfect counterpart for Hocus Pocus, the first classic we break open each year.  The Sunday before Halloween is a great opportunity for the always-epic Tim Burton triple feature with Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Sleepy Hollow. If you’re in for this wild, weird, & spooky long-haul then you’re going to want to ensure you’ve got the spectrum of products from Treetown pre-rolls, edibles, & more.

Not a fan of ghosts? Then you know who to call! Ghostbusters is a classic comedy that is a must watch each year. Keep the season a little weird with Rocky Horror Picture Show where some our favorite songs reside. You’re going to want some Vapin’ Ape disposables to sing and dance along with these Halloween movies.

The Creepy & Thrilling Halloween Movies

Our list is rounded out by the films that send us to creep-city, especially after indulging in the fine cannabis from Light’N Up Cannabis Company. Now this list could be endless, but we worked hard to narrow it down to these 5.

Of course, we can’t exclude Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street and the dozens of sequels (nothing better than the originals, though). Despite being from the late 1900’s, these films still make us check our closets before bed. HERE’S JOHNNY to mention The Shining, which absolutely can’t be skipped as well as the legendary Evil Dead. There’s something about these Halloween movies that keep us at the edge of our seat (or curled up in the corner) every year. Trick ‘r Treat is one last Halloween movie that you may or may not have seen yet but it really brings together the spooky season.

Take all of these Halloween movies to the next level with some UBaked Moonrocks – a special treat that’s perfect for one of our favorite holiday weekends.

Only the Treats at Light’N Up

All of these fabulous products that we recommend are available this Halloweekend with special deals happening Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, October 27, 28, 29. Stock up now by joining us in store or by ordering online today!

What are your favorite Halloween movies that we missed? Let us know!


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