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PRODUCT REVIEW: TreeTown Baked Goods & Infused Joints

PRODUCT REVIEW: TreeTown Baked Goods & Infused Joints


TreeTown has just made a returning debut into our store in this last week. Did you recognize them with their new branding? We are so excited to have TreeTown’s THC Baked Goods back in stock as well as their new Live Resin Infused Pre-Rolls lineup! Not sure what to think of them? No worries, we got our full staff from product specialists, to inventory crew, up to management on the case with sampling out the TreeTown products for you. Here is what they had to say:

TreeTown Live Resin Infused 1.2g Joints:

  • Hitman x Holiday Flan “This was an all-around even high. It was an unique mix of strains, and the high felt like an indica-dominant hybrid. Also, the packaging is super cool. It was very sweet and had a fruity taste to it. It was a super nice blend. I really liked this one! Really nice infused pre-roll!”
  • Rainbow Breath x Phantom 09 “Highly effective. Very euphoric high. Started off extremely elevated mood with what felt like a floating body. It took all my worries away and I became super giggly. I was very calm, relaxed, and in a fantastic mood. The packaging stood out for me right away. The joint burned very slowly and evenly. And it was exceptionally smooth, not harsh which was surprising. It had a sweet taste and overall, I really enjoyed this infused pre-roll!”
  • Cherry Tropicana x Sour Yeti “Really nice! It was super relaxing without being sedative at all. Nice head buzz, I played video games for 4 hours straight without blinking while burning down this joint. Once I was able to get it going, it burnt like a dream. Perfectly white ash, no canoeing, and super slow. I babied it forever and loved the high the whole time. This joint is also a nice pick for anyone that likes a flavorful, effective infused joint.”
  • Sticky Bun x Smell of Success “Heavy, relaxing and satisfying. No botanical terpenes or flavoring ? It reminded me of a Gelato strain with notes that resemble the profile of the Zebra Piss.”  
  • Total Rating: 7.8/10 

TreeTown Baked Goods:

  • THC Chocolate Brownie: “The high took around an hour to fully set in and it was a slow creep. This would be a great brownie for someone looking for pain relief/sleep aid because it settles into a strong body high. I was SO TIRED from it. It could just be me hating the combination of fudge & weed, but I wasn’t a fan of the flavor. I love TreeTown’s new packaging though! Clear, concise, and cohesive.”
  • THC Chocolate Chip Cookies “They definitely worked. Not an extreme effect or very hard hitting but nice and calming. I love the packaging and the cookies! They are cute and bite size and love how they are easily dosed by 20mg per cookie. TASTED AMAZING. Just like little chocolate chip cookies. No weed taste! Attractive and professional. I love how they show you how to properly dose the cookies and how to open the bag. Very professional.”
  • THC Rice Crispy Strawberry: “The. Taste. Was. Amazing! ITS SO GOOD. The high was just as amazing as the taste! There is nothing bad I could write about it. I would buy this again in a heartbeat.” / “Relaxing high. I thought the taste was good even though you can somewhat taste the weed. Sweet strawberry taste, good flavor. I was surprised by how soft it was! Really excellent product all around.”
  • THC Fruity Crispy “Yummyyyyyy!! The fruit does a decent job covering the weed taste. Smells so fruity and good. I just want a little more marshmallow, but it still melts in your mouth and that is so nice! The color of this product stands out and in a sea of all the other products you need something like that.”  
  • Baked Goods Total Rating: 8/10 

So what do you think? Try these products out yourself and let us know how our reviews hold up in the comments below!

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