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Product Review: Mary’s The Remedy Tincture

Product Review: Mary’s The Remedy Tincture

We asked one of our customers to do a live product review, and this is what they had to say:
“I can’t recommend Mary’s Medicinals [The Remedy] THC [tincture] enough! They literally have been a life-safer! I suffer from Asperger’s and concurrently suffer from sound and touch sensitivities along with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (a nerve disorder). After years of traditional therapy, medical intervention, and pharmaceutical routes, I found myself at my wits’ end and options. Thankfully, a doctor recommended that I try cannabis, and despite my reservations, my new journey began. I have tried endless products, and could easily consume a tray of edibles without any results. A wonderful Budtender referred me to Mary’s, and I finally, FINALLY found relief! Mary’s “turns down” my symptoms, pain, and senses, allowing me to interact with my environment without being harmed by it! The drops take a while to kick in, as with any edible, but once they do, I find a truly deep relaxation and calmness, and this is one of the first products that I’ve come across that supports sleep! (I have chronic sleep problems and am known for even waking up repeatedly during surgeries!) I take a dose at 6:00pm, and am comfortable and relaxed after ~an hour. And after ~4 hours, I am able to go to bed and gently drift off to sleep. Mary’s also helps with my with pain, so I don’t toss and turn all night and can walk comfortably. I have been able to ween off of several heavy duty prescriptions because of my transition to products like Mary’s. This one may be invaluable to customers who suffer from pain, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Consult your Budtender for dosing options – start slowly with dosing because this will last at least 4-6 hours after consumption.” KC
Next time you stop by #lightnup make sure you ask your product specialist about Mary’s The Remedy!

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