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PRODUCT REVIEW: Cap Junky Flower by Epic Farms

PRODUCT REVIEW: Cap Junky Flower by Epic Farms


Don’t you love being able to walk into a dispensary and getting the full scoop on what your product specialists think? Here at Light’N Up, we try to provide you with that next level customer service and care everytime you come in to shop. Sometimes it’s hard to get in depth with what we think in the limited time we get to see you in store though! To help with that, we are posting reviews here on our website so you can get all the details on some of our favorite current products in store.

Today we start with Cap Junky flower from Epic Farms. Epic Farms is a new grower with us, committed to growing top notch flower with tantalizing smells & flavors. Check out what our staff had to say about this flower (BTW: this includes reviews from product specialists, management, inventory, etc. Everyone’s opinion matters here at Light’N Up!)

  • “Impressive! The start of the experience was a cool, calm, mellow sensation that most long for and is often enough to satisfy me. The peak of the buzz followed through about ten minutes after we finished the joint. This sensation was heavy, consuming, euphoric and stoney. I felt like I had zero cares in the world. Coming down, I felt refreshed enough to get moving again. I would recommend this strain to those that are looking for the “best in house”, those that are suffering from severe mental health, and those who are suffering from chronic pain.” 
  • “It hit me like a true hybrid. I had a bit of a mind fog from it but mostly felt it in my body, tingly and relaxed. I smoked it at a party with a bunch of other people in a few pre-rolls and we were all giggling and shouting at each other within 15 minutes. The flavor was really nice, and it burnt slow.” 
  • “Amazing high right away from the first hit. Smooth overall and I took a pretty big hit. I felt like it was a great balance between a head high and body high.” 
  • “Strong body and mind high. It felt like my body was couch locked, but it hit my brain like a sativa, elevated and energetic. It had an extremely intense high!” 
  • Unique features that stood out to our staff: “The peak of the high” / “The smell & taste!” / “Put me in a better mood” / “The smell is something I haven’t smelled on many other strains” / “It looks so frosty and kiefy” / “The intenseness of the high from smoking such a small amount and the length of the high” /  
  • Total Rating: 8.6/10 

What did you think? Agree? Disagree? Let us know what you think in the comments below if you’ve put Cap Junky to the test yourself!

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