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Methods of Delivery

Methods of Delivery


By Lindsey Price Cannabis Consultant at Light’N Up Provisioning

Are you one of the many cannabis users who are new to medical marijuana?  Or are perhaps a first time adult user? No worries; we got you covered. I will be covering different methods of delivery. I’m very passionate about educating people on how to use cannabis the most effective way to treat their specific conditions. I live in a state that has adopted adult recreational use; I hope to reach these people and educate them on how to also use it as a holistic medicine.

Let’s begin with the most basic form>  


A lot of people are under the assumption that smoking cannabis is the only way to use marijuana. I’m here to tell you that it is not the only way but it is the fastest way to use Cannabis as it has an almost instant effect. Inhalation means rapid absorption and quick onset. Many patients today keep vape pens on hand to swiftly manage breakthrough pain throughout the day, or to counteract an impending migraine or seizure. 

We can smoke cannabis in a joint or bowl or bong. These are among some of the most popular methods of delivery. My personal favorite are good old fashion dooies or perhaps a blunt for a special occasion. A blunt will provide enough cannabis to share. Blunt wraps are usually made from a tobacco leaf but I have also had natural hemp wraps and enjoy them on occacation.  

 A lot of people do not know how to roll so many provisioning centers do sell pre rolls or cone joints. Nowadays you can even  find packs of joints.                     

Vaporizing cannabis is also a popular option , this does happen to be the safest way to inhale cannabis. This method is used in hospitals and is most popular when smoking will irritate the lungs. Handheld herbal vaporizers are becoming more and more popular. 


Smoking cannabis is the most popular delivery method today. Many patients have found that when trying to use cannabis as a medicine it tends to be easier to find specific strains in 

flower form.  Michigan alone has over 250,000 different strains; each offering a different cannabinoid, terpene and flavonoid profiles.  Each of these is what makes cannabis such an effective medicine.

 Today’s cannabis has evolved; we now have a better understanding of how these 3 things that can benefit one another and give cannabis an effect we refer to as the

 “Entourage Effect”. I like to describe this as our gift from the heavens. A balanced high with a warm and cozy feeling that makes you smile. 

Have you ever smoked a joint and just knew it was special? That one hit wonder stuff….


Tinctures are the oldest method and most versatile of all cannabis- based medications and can be taken oral, used topically, or absorbed through the oral mucosa for fairly rapid onset. 

The Sublingual artery is under the tongue. This method is used when you want immediate relief  15-30 activation time with peak effects happening in about 90 min. Tincture is most effective if taken under the tongue sublingually and by gargling with it, this will cause rapid absorption into the bloodstream. The patient can swallow the rest of the tincture for long lasting relief. By ingesting cannabis the THC is converted to the more potent form 11-hydroxy-Thc, which can delay onset by about two hours and produces a stronger, more sedative effect. You want to make sure to not drink for up to 10 minutes after taking a sublingually.

 Tincture can also be rubbed into the skin on the temples, neck and shoulders area to reduce muscle tension, aches, migraine and inflammation .The  CB1 receptors in the skin make this treatment very effective. 


Cannabis Sativa Tincture 

Pechoti Method or Nabhi Chikitsa : This method will disperse cannabis throughout the 72,000,000 nerve ending and tissues by being applied to the navel (belly button). These cannabinoids are not metabolized. You will not get High from applying cannabis oil tincture to the navel. This method is recommended for pregnant mothers treating themself for nausea. 

Oils like tea tree and eucalyptus are often used for their antibacterial and antiviral properties. My belief with the correct dosages of cannabinoids and essential oils we can treat many conditions ourselves. 

One of my personal favorites is Mary’s Medical 1:1 tincture. This company is all about the medical side of cannabis and I commend them as they have produced some very effective and consistent products. Mary’s Medicinals are available and are available Light’N Up Provisioning anr are on the top of our recommendation list.


Edibles are a favorite among medical cannabis patients. Edibles offer a longer lasting high usually ranging between 6-8 hours . Time to onset is quicker when the patient’s stomach is empty. Absorption of edibles can differ between patients but most report 1.5-2 hours to start feeling the effects. Edibles are the easiest to over do so remember to go low and slow. 2.5mg-5mg are small enough doses you can counteract the psychotropic effects with CBD tincture. The CBD cannabinoid works to balance out the THC the more CBD you use the less THC effect you will feel.

You can get edibles in all different kinds of food, desserts and drinks. Depending on the lipids available in the edibles can determine how the absorption rate is in a particular edible. Lipids are the fats that the cannabinoids have been absorbed into . Coconut oil, butter or sesame oil are some of the easiest to infuse.  

Capsules offer the same relief as an edible without the extra calories. They are easy to use and beneficial if you have to medicate at work or at a public function or just hate the taste.


Topicals can provide localized relief for a short time and are useful for neuropathic pain, chronic pain, muscle pain, and radiation burns.The reason cannabis works so well on the skin as we have cannabinoid receptors  (CB1 receptors) covering the entire body of skin. 

Topicals are cannabis -infused lotions, balms and oils.  They will not cause psychoactivity. 

Transdermal patches are the latest and greatest in my book . I myself have had very good experiences with these , for my pain management. I try to not use pain pills, instead I use cannabis…

What are transdermal patches ? They are low dose 20mg of THC or CBD or a combination of both. You apply the patch to either your inner wrist or top of the foot; you want to find the greatest amount of veins. The cannabis is then absorbed into the skin within 10-30 min with peak effects at 90 min.

Mary’s Medicinals is my go to brand for transdermal patches. Light’n Up has them in stock at all times. Along with the tincture and transdermal 1:1 ratio rub.


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