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Mary’s Medicinals for the WIN against Pain!

Mary’s Medicinals for the WIN against Pain!


This article was written by: Brandi Rice

We have many pain patients that come through the door. Suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic muscle spasms, chrons you name it. One thing as a certified product specialists that we have found in common is feedback that Mary’s Medicinal Products are helping them manage their pain! We carry a majority of their products and would like to share what they are and how they are working for other patients!

Transdermal Patches! Have you seen these? Most people think that you take a patch and put it where it hurts, or on the biceps like a pain patch from the Doctor or nicotine patch from the pharmacy. This is not true for the transdermal patch from Mary’s. You place this patch on the inner wrist or the top of your foot. The reason for this is your skin is thinnest and also has direct contact with your veins. The patches also provide 100% cannabinoid availability, also known as bioavailability. That means that your body receives all cannabinoids available to you! When you smoke you lose 80% of the cannabinoids that are available to you. When you eat an edible it’s the same effect, you lose 80% and some people need to eat more MG than others because their stomach acids break down the cannabinoids to nothing! The patches can be cut into 4 doses or 2 depending on your daily needs. They take effect within 45 minutes and can last up to 12 hours! The patches have a unique blend of terpenes that open up the pores and allow the medicine to get into the bloodstream, this is what transdermal means. We have them in Sativa, Indica, 1:1 CBD/THC and CBD. So you’re sure to find one that will fit your needs. Come in and speak with our product specialist today and see how a patch can work for you!

1:1 Tinctures 300mg/300mg THC/CBD made with Safflower Oil and a hint of cinnamon, this tincture was made specifically with crohns in mind. If you have digestive or stomach issues, this tincture will be a better option than a MCT/Coconut Oil. Or if you have a Tree nut allergy this could be an alternative for you! CBD and THC work best together and when combined in even doses have been known to manage pain most effectively. The great thing about a 1:1 ratio is the psychoactivity produced by THC is less powerful and will not leave your head with so much euphoria that you cannot function throughout the day. So someone who may be afraid to get High, but has found CBD alone isn’t helping may find some relief with a 1:1 Tincture. CBD is also great for people with high anxiety and could provide relief from anxiety that THC might otherwise cause

Transdermal Rub!! Do you have aches and pains in your joints, shoulders, knees or feet? Mary’s Transdermal Rub is sure to help provide some relief if you’re suffering from chronic pain, inflammation or arthritis. Made with all natural ingredients it uses a blend of terpenes that open up your pores to allow the medication to enter the bloodstream. The more you rub this into your sore areas, the better the results. This rub would cause you to fail a drug test if you needed to take one. Always be sure to check with your product specialist about a product and its effects before purchasing it.

If you think that Mary’s Medicinal Products would suit you, visit Light’N Up Provisioning and Microbuddery today and ask to speak with a product specialist.

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