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Joint vs. Blunt vs. Spliff

Joint vs. Blunt vs. Spliff

In many ways, the humble joint is the classic representation of marijuana. Whenever you see a depiction of the noble art of smoking weed, it likely contains the image of a joint. The most important aspect of a joint is that it contains nothing but marijuana; hopefully, top-shelf! These days, you can find pre-rolled joints fairly easily. If you want to try your hand at rolling one, all you need are rolling papers, weed, and patience. Typically, you grind up your pot, add it to the paper, roll it up, light the joint, and enjoy it! But, if you’re one of those people that can’t roll for whatever reason, there are joint-cones you can buy! No rolling required, just grind your weed, pack the cone, and spark it up!
If you’re familiar with the appearance of a cigar, then you certainly know what a blunt looks like. Blunts are ground-up cannabis buds wrapped in thick tobacco paper. Examples include White Owls, Backwoods, or Swisher Sweets. Simply cut/unroll it open and empty the low-quality tobacco from within them, only keeping the wrapper. Next, fill the outer shell of the cigar with the weed, rewrap it, twist it, and light it up!
However, if you’re like me and DO NOT enjoy tobacco wraps, but still love everything else about blunts…try hemp wraps! Popular hemp wraps include High Hemp, Twisted Hemp, Juicy Jay’s Hemp wraps, and more! (My personal favorite; Billionaire Hemp)
A spliff is quite similar to a joint. Its size and shape are usually that of a hand-rolled cigarette. It is quite small and thin, especially when compared to a blunt. The primary thing that sets apart a spliff from a joint is that it contains tobacco, typically about a 50/50 tobacco and weed mix. Some individuals enjoy spliffs more because of the additional nicotine buzz that it provides. Spliffs are common in Europe, especially the United Kingdom.

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