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Indulge Responsibly this Holiday Season

Indulge Responsibly this Holiday Season


We all know the days around Christmas and New Year’s bring many joyous celebrations and gatherings with friends, family, & coworkers.

It’s a great time of year to see those special people and partake in all kinds of activities. From walks with cousins to partaking around the holiday table together, it’s about being together. Indulge in cannabis responsibly this holiday season no matter your scene. Here’s a few bits of guidance, tips, and suggestions to keep you & your guests chill, safe, & awake at your next party.

The first item to consider is your category of strains that you want to purchase, no matter how you ingest it. If you’re not familiar, cannabis has 3 categories – Sativa, Indica, & Hybrid. To be quick and brief, Sativa’s are more heady, energetic highs while Indica’s have heavier effects in the body and mind – think “In da couch”. Hybrids are different combinations of the two categories. If you want to keep your party guests active, having fun, and not sinking into their chairs we recommend Sativas & Hybrids. With us at Light’N Up we keep it easy with our Elevate & Refresh categories.

Pick Your Products

Now that you know you want a Sativa or Hybrid strain, what do you get? It’s important to consider the pacing of your event. Indulging in dabs of concentrate may not be the energetic funfest you hoped for. Unless, you’re having a Home Alone Marathon. Another angle we like to consider is that not everyone smokes like we do and handles their high differently. We also think about people not wanting to share things that go in other people’s mouths. These points encourage us to recommend making joints or bringing pre-rolls for your gathering. Coming in at different sizes, joints and pre-rolls allow the party-goer to indulge at their own speed & keep their mouth to themselves. We’ve found that those that only indulge on special occasions can find things like concentrates, bongs, & other methods intense or intimidating. Keep it simple & familiar – whatever that means for your party.

Another great way to ingest at your next dinner party is through food & drink products! Bake or make something special with your own raw herb recipes or keep it simple with premade ingredients. Take it a step simpler and acquire gummies, fudge, cookies, or other products for your guests. Into infused cocktails? Add THC to your cocktails to ascend to a new level of mixology. Remember, effects from edibles & drinkables will be delayed so be sure to know the amount you’re using in each drink and keep your guests comfortable.

Indulge Responsibly

Be a great friend and take a few steps to keep your pals safe & comfortable. Don’t forget to pace the evening and know your crowd with the products you use. Individual joints and pre-rolls are a great way to just stay friends and not share more than good times. They also ensuring the individuals can go at their own speed. Food & drink infused products are fun & unique but will be delayed and can pack a punch. Many times, indulging in cannabis and alcohol at the same can be a not-so-fun time, so keep them separate or limit your guests. No matter what, driving after an evening of indulging is not encouraged. Finally, ensure that where ever you’re at, it’s a safe location to be smoking & ingesting.

At the end of the evening, we encourage you to make your indulging plans around the idea of being friends who indulge together, not friends because you indulge together. These days we get less and less time with those who mean the most to us. Take advantage, Light’N Up, & indulge responsibly.

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