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How Does Cannabis Distillate Work?

How Does Cannabis Distillate Work?

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What is Distillate?

Distillate is an ultra-refined cannabis oil made from a crude extract. There are a multitude of extraction processes, like BHO, CO2, and Ethanol, to name a few. These methods yield a crude extract that contains a large range of compounds found in the plant, some of which are less desirable than others. Select’s distillation process refines an extract by removing all impurities in the source material. This allows cannabinoids to be increased to levels as high as 100% purity. The result is a consistent oil, perfect for vape carts and ready to be paired with terpene profiles from strains of personal choosing.

How are the terpenes preserved?

One important detail about the distillation process is that it is not kind to terpenes; like many of the undesirable compounds in cannabis, delicate terpenes are also lost during refinement. Because of this, Select uses a proprietary method of extraction to collect terpenes from plant material prior to distillation. This allows the extractors to retain the robust terpene profile used to create each strain for each cartridge. Select has used this process since 2016 to create their now famous Elite formula, and to date they have produced 500+ unique terpene profiles for Elites across the nation.

How does distillation work exactly?
Distillation is a series of steps to turn a crude oil into an activated concentrate with the highest cannabinoid potency possible.
Step 1: First, a crude extract is made by processing cannabis with a super-chilled ethanol, or by CO2 extraction
Step 2: Then, the crude extract is filtered to remove excess plant material
Step 3: The crude extract (after it’s been filtered) is heated to activate the THC
Step 4: Using highly specialized equipment, the cannabinoids are separated from other components in the crude based on boiling points
Step 5: The result is a thick, golden oil consisting of pure cannabinoids
Step 6: The thick golden oil is now ready to be paired with terpenes and filled into a cartridge or infused in an ingestible
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