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Dixie Gummies: Variety in Flavors & Effects!

Dixie Gummies: Variety in Flavors & Effects!

Dixie handcrafts every product with pure-extracted THC and then uses a process of their own design. Dixie goes far above and beyond the mandated batch testing and triple lab test every product that they sell. When it comes to cannabis, consistency, and accuracy, Dixie is ready to deliver. Below are their key flavors that we currently carry in store:
???????? SOUR Strawberry Gummies ????????
A popular flavor among many, this juicy, sour strawberry gummy is a mouth-puckering joy! You’ve enjoyed our Sour Smash gummies, now you’ll be head over heels for this delicious flavor. These are infused with indica oil to ensure a peaceful end to your day.
???????? Berry Blaze Gummies ????????
Blazing with delightful, refreshing berry flavors, this pack contains both blue raspberry and pink strawberry gummies. You can’t go wrong with this berry pack, it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser! Infused with sativa oils, these gummies will keep you blazing through your day.
???????? Citrus Blast Gummies ????????
Blasting with juicy citrus flavors, we (and others) think this award-winning sativa-dominant gummy is the best tasting gummy around. Enjoy before a concert, barbecue, or anytime you’re looking for a truly tasty and consistently-dosed edible. 
???????? NEW! Spicy Mango Gummies ????????
An irresistible combination with a sweet mango flavor and the spicy kick of Dixie’s very own chipotle/habanero blend will have your taste buds screaming for more. With 5mg of THC per piece, this microdose option is great for those looking to regulate their consumption, or for those who can’t resist this sensational combo!
???????? SOUR SMASH Gummies ????????
It’s time to pucker up and chill out with these gummies infused with hybrid oil. Dixie’s award-winning gummies have a new sidekick on the scene. Sour Smash Gummies are an assorted-flavor pack that feature super sour coatings on a medley of three sour fruit flavors.
???????? SYNERGY 1:1 Sweet Watermelon Gummies ????????
The best of both worlds come together in perfect harmony with vibrant watermelon flavor to help ease what ails you. Each delicious gummy contains 10MG of CBD and 10MG of THC for an entourage effect that leaves you with a very balanced and manageable high. So bite into a watermelon gummy like it’s summertime at the pool and enjoy the CBD:THC SYNERGY.
???????? Tropic Twist Gummies ????????
Sit back, relax and let these fruity delicious Indica dominant Tropic Twist gummies ease your mind and take you Caribbean dreaming. Easy to share with your friends at the beach or while stranded by yourself on a desert island. Either way, you win.
Ask your product specialist next time your in store about our line of Dixie gummies!

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