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“Dear Stoner…” Where to get Marijuana Seeds?

“Dear Stoner…” Where to get Marijuana Seeds?

Dear Stoner,
Where can I get seeds and clones? I’ve been to countless dispensaries and no one sells them. I found some seeds online, but I don’t want to purchase the Wish version of cannabis seeds. Help me out?
Green Thumb



Dear Green Thumb,
Many world-renowned seed banks are overseas in the Netherlands, the UK, Spain, and other countries where cannabis laws are less restricted. Seed banks provide seeds from a variety of different breeders. Seed banks exist outside of the US and can sell them for “souvenir purposes,” but it is illegal to bring seeds into the US and Customs will seize any cannabis seeds they find in packages or on a person. Some dispensaries in medical and adult-use states sell seeds, but not all. Buying marijuana seeds at the dispensary is far more straightforward, however, your options will be much more limited than shopping online. Keep in mind that a lot of dispensaries focus on selling flower and end-products. It’s a good idea to call ahead and talk to staff to see if they are knowledgeable about seeds or if they even sell them. You can use services like Leafly and Weedmaps to help you locate places that sell seeds. Leafly has a great selection, however, it’s all online and they will ship it to you once you’ve made your purchase. If you’re looking for a physical place that you can get in your car, drive to, go inside and shop around, I always suggest Seed Cellar in Jackson, MI. It’s a small place, but it’s nice and clean and the staff are all very helpful and intelligent. Here’s a link to their website –  https://www.seedcellar.com . As for clones, your best bet is to get in with a plug, make a friend that works in-industry. Network, network, network. But if you don’t have a plug, check out The Clone Conservatory in Battle Creek, MI. Here’s a link to their website – https://www.thecloneconservatory.com/location/clones-for-sale-battle-creek/ . There are many online stores that sell quality clones as well, it’s probably easiest to just shop online, plus, the variety will be quite vast when compared to a physical store. There are other places in MI that sell clones, but they usually sell to dispensaries and other licensed facilities, rather than directly to the general public, that would require more State-issued licenses and, of course, more money. These places are usually full blown licensed grow operations that mostly sell end-products, but if there’s a demand they can supply, they usually do. It’s just a matter of finding the dispensaries they sell to for you to turn around and buy from them. Unfortunately, cutting out the middleman isn’t much of an option if you don’t have a network in cannabis with the current laws surrounding it. I’ve also heard of a place right here in Flint that you can get seeds and clones from, but you have to be a medical marijuana card holder to purchase from them. Anyways, I hope some of the information I’ve provided will prove useful. I wish you luck on your quest for seeds and clones!

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