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“Dear Stoner…” Children & Marijuana Use

“Dear Stoner…” Children & Marijuana Use

Dear Stoner,
Is it safe for children to use medical marijuana? And when I say children, I’m talking well below 18. My child has a condition that traditional medicine is just not helping. We aren’t seeing any improvements and I just want him to live a normal life free of daily pain. How do I get him a medical card? Do you know any pediatric medical marijuana patients? Has pot helped them? Is the process of renewing easy? How should I talk to my other children about pot? I’m exhausting every option available to me, I just need some help with this one.
Mama Bear


Dear Mama Bear,
These are very good questions, let me provide you with answers. Firstly, medical marijuana remains a controversial topic, particularly in regard to children and teens, but yes, medical marijuana is safe for pediatric patients that require it. Although few guidelines exist for marijuana use in pediatric medicine, many families are asking about it or already using it. The American Academy of Pediatrics only supports medical marijuana for children with “life-limiting or severely debilitating conditions and for whom current therapies are inadequate.” The information you provided in your letter tells me that this very much describes your child. The process of getting a pediatric patient a medical marijuana card isn’t exactly hard, but there are multiple steps you have to take and it can be a little time consuming, just a little. Start here – https://www.michigan.gov/-/media/Project/Websites/cra/mmmp-application/mmmp-applicationMMP_MINOR_Application_Pkt.pdf?rev=a080568b31644e829eb2fcef3f16d6b8 – This is a link to the application you will need to fill out. You will also need two doctors to sign off, as well as pay the fee. Check out this link as well – https://leafwell.com/blog/how-to-get-a-mmj-card-for-your-child/ – it does a very good job at explaining the process and offers additional information you might find helpful. I believe in pediatric medical marijuana and I have seen it first hand do amazing things for children. For example, I know a pediatric patient who was involved in a head-on car accident at 4 years old. He sustained a severe TBI and was in a coma for 30 days. His doctors had him on all kinds of medications; Vyvanse, Strattera, Miralax, Melatonin, and headache medications. That’s a lot for a 4 year old child! An eye doctor told his mother that his vision would never come back. Before he started taking CBD and THC, his vision was 20/50. After two years on CBD and THC, his vision is now 20/20. And he continues to heal and grow and thrive to this day.
As for talking to your other children about pot, it’s really none of my business how you choose to raise your children, but I will offer my opinion. I don’t think the consumption of marijuana is any more in your child’s face than any other adult activity. Think about how many times you’ve had alcohol around your kid or walked past liquor at the grocery store with your kid. Think about how often your kids are exposed to sex, another adult activity. From advertisements to movies to video games, it’s there. Your children are taking all that in, just as they will pot. I advise setting a good example, like millions of parents do every day with adult things. They don’t tell their children that alcohol is bad and to never touch it. They explain that it is for adults, answer any questions, and then model the way to consume it in a responsible manner. Same can be said for marijuana. I believe kids are capable of understanding that some things are for adults and other things are for children, whether they choose to respect it (whatever “it” may be; alcohol, weed, sex, etc.) and the rules their parents have set around it is a different story entirely. Just talk with a level head, and abandon the War on Drugs propaganda, it is extremely unhelpful. Explain that there’s a time and a place for responsible consumption, and note that people can become too consumed by cannabis, just as they can by sex, alcohol, food, gambling, stamp collecting — you name it. Be honest, always. Answer their questions to the best of your ability, and don’t hold any information back simply because it might make you uncomfortable to share it. If you don’t tell your kids, someone else will and who knows what they’re gonna say? Could be complete nonsense, but how would your child know? Tell them the truth, explain to them that cannabis is medicine for their sibling. I really hope this information helps, and good luck!

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