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A Guide to Cannabis Ingestion Methods

A Guide to Cannabis Ingestion Methods


Exploring Beyond the Blaze – A Guide to Cannabis Ingestion Methods


When you think of the world of cannabis consumption, do you imagine the classic puff-puff-pass routine?

If smoking funny things isn’t your thing, no worries! Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a budding enthusiast, the cannabis experience goes way beyond just lighting up with all kinds of cannabis ingestion methods. So, grab your favorite strain from Light’N Up Cannabis Company in Flint, MI, and let’s explore the diverse ways you can enjoy the magic of Mary Jane.

1. Rolling it Right: Traditional Joint or Blunt

When it comes to classic cannabis ingestion methods & consumption, nothing beats the charm of a well-rolled joint or blunt. Discover the art of rolling, the difference between the two, and why it’s been a timeless choice. Or keep it simple with one of the many pre-rolls (a joint already made for you) from our extensive collection. 

2. Edibles Extravaganza: Tasty Treats with a Twist

Have a sweet tooth? Explore the delightful world of cannabis-infused edibles, from gummies to brownies. We’ll guide you on dosing, onset time, and the importance of patience. Edibles have a habit of taking longer to feel the effects, but the effects last longer. Edibles are a great way to be discreet with your consumption. Want to make your own? Give that a try, too! 

3. Vaporizing Victory: The Rise of Vape Pens

Embrace the tech-savvy side of cannabis with vaporizers. Learn about the convenience, discreetness, and control over temperature that vaping offers. We offer disposable options and cartridges you use on a battery unit. With little to no scent, vaping is a way to consume just a sip or take a cloud-producing rip. 

4. Dabbing Decoded: Concentrates and Their Potency

Uncover the world of concentrates through dabbing. From shatter to wax, we’ll delve into the extraction process and what makes concentrates a powerhouse of potency. Did you know dabs can be discreet and portable, too? Check it out! 

5. Topicals and Tinctures: Cannabis for Wellness

Discover the non-smoking, non-eating options with cannabis-infused topicals and tinctures. Perfect for those looking for the therapeutic benefits without the psychoactive effects. If convenience is your game, learn about transdermal patches and their slow-release magic. Ideal for a steady, controlled experience.

Remember, your journey into cannabis can be as unique as you are. Safety first, Light’N Up fam! If you have any questions about these ingestion methods or want to share your experiences, drop a comment below. You find these products and more at our online store, where you can place a pick up order. Let’s spark up a conversation! 🔥💨

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