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10 Rules for Cannabis Etiquette

10 Rules for Cannabis Etiquette


As the sacred stoner holiday approaches, I’d like to take a second to refresh everyone’s memory on proper “weed etiquette.” It’s very understandable if some of you have forgotten! As this pandemic continues and the world gets crazier and crazier, many people are staying home more and more. We’ve seen record-breaking numbers of people working from home and choosing staycations over vacations. We’ve experienced the closure of our favorite restaurants, movie theaters, and art institutes & museums. Although these things have been slowly opening back up (some with new rules), it’s safe to say some of us, if not most of us, have not been around people like we once were. SO, here are some things to remember if you’re celebrating 420 with friends!
1. Sharing is Caring
It’s a simple premise really, but part of being a good host is making sure your guests feel welcome. A true smoke sesh is a bonding experience that brings people together, so it’s important to share your bud. If you are the host, it’s good manners to offer guests the first hit of a joint or bowl. However if your guest is also polite and practices good weed etiquette, they’ll thank you for showing this courtesy, but also be mindful of rule #3.
As a guest, it is very important that you bring something to contribute to the sesh as well. You’ll need to bring some of your own bud to share with your host. If you find yourself without any bud to bring, contribute in other ways. Offer to bring wraps or papers, snacks & drinks, or offer to order a pizza! You can also offer your host some cash if all else fails (see rule #7).
2. Puff, Puff, PASS
It’s the oldest rule in the book when smoking with anyone else. Take 2 hits, and pass it. Actually pass it. Don’t start telling a story while you’re holding the smoke, there are other people waiting to hit it! And remember, always pass to the left!
3. Whoever Rolled/Packed it, Sparks it.
If you roll it, you get to decide if you want to spark it or offer it to someone else. It’s your masterpiece and no one is allowed to take it from you unless you want them to have it. Light it up, baby!
4. Ash Before you Pass
If you’d want it done for you, do it for them. There’s nothing worse than trying to take a blunt/joint from someone and having the ash fall all over your lap and hand, and sometimes, the ash is still burning. We’ve all been there. The ash falls, and there goes your favorite pair of leggings/jeans/sweats. Buzz killed, you’re not even enjoying the high anymore just regretting your outfit choice. And it’s all avoidable! It’s really simple, just ash it before you pass it!
5. Smoke it, Don’t Suck it.
If you find yourself going down on the joint like it’s backstage at a KISS concert, you probably aren’t getting an invite to the next session. If you are smoking a blunt or joint, keep your lips pursed and avoid making actual contact with your tongue or the insides of your mouth. Similarly, if a bong is your weapon of choice, always clean the mouthpiece before passing.
6. Don’t Stash and Dash
Don’t get rid of something before asking everyone if they’d like the rest of it. You might think a joint is done at a quarter-inch of the filter, but some of your buddies might think discarding it at that point is an unforgivable sin. Being aware of fresh green is very important and everyone has their own preference.
7. Cash for the Stash
If you show up to the smoke sesh empty handed, offer up some cash. Don’t be a freeloader, no one will want to share their weed with you, but they might anyway because stoners are generally nice and chill people. Don’t take advantage of that.
8. Stay out of the rotation when you’re sick. B.Y.O.W.
This one needs no explanation. Don’t forget to wash your hands y’all!
9. Drop Some Knowledge
Always let people know what they’re smoking. There’s nothing worse than expecting the uplifting vibes of a Sativa, only to end up with couchlock and drowsiness. Always offers information on where the bud is from, what its make-up is (terpene profile and parent strains are a huge plus if you know them!) and what you can expect from the high. Paint the picture for them, and let em’ fall in love with it!
10. Respect Others Choices
When part of any group, it is essential to consider everyone there. Indeed, you should ask everyone present if they are okay with you lighting up. If someone objects, it is best to take the joint or glass to a different room. It is unfair to subject someone to second-hand smoke when they want no part of it. When offering someone a hit, you should only ask once. If they refuse, accept their answer but inform them that if they want to change their mind and participate later on, ask them to let you know and do not offer it again unless they ask. Even if non-users are okay with you using cannabis, show them respect by turning on fans or opening windows.

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